Hong Kong Foodie Launches Tai Po Market Foodie Tour 

HONG KONG, May 8, 2015, Hong Kong Foodie announces the launch of Tai Po Market Foodie Tour. On its third and newest culinary excursion, Hong Kong Foodie takes food lovers away from the hustle and bustle of the city areas to visit culinary gems in the New Territories in search of truly authentic local flavors.

Led by passionate local Foodie Guides, participants go off the beaten track on this insider tour to uncover six family-run eateries serving Hong Kong specialities in the suburban new town of Tai Po Market. Curated with curious Foodies in mind, this food tour is ideal for those who are more open-minded about trying less familiar local fare. Tastings include seafood dishes, snake soup and more.

“Tai Po Market is the perfect destination for our newest Foodie Tour. Most importantly, it is home to some of Hong Kong’s favorite foodie haunts. Our goal is to help participants navigate this less visited neighborhood and make these local eateries more accessible, especially to non-Cantonese speakers,” says Cecilia Leung, Founder and Director of Hong Kong Foodie.

On this four-hour guided walking tour, aside from indulging in foodie treasures, participants will also explore historical and cultural sites in the backstreets of Tai Po Market, learning about its agricultural past and its transformation into today’s developed new town. It offers an opportunity for visitors to be immersed in this charming part of the New Territories and experience life like a true Hong Kong native.

Tai Po Market Foodie Tour has been selected by the Hong Kong Tourism Board as an approved tour product in its New Tour Product Development Scheme, a program that aims to offer unique discoveries and authentic experience to Hong Kong visitors.

“We are delighted that Tai Po Market Foodie Tour is recognized and supported by the Hong Kong Tourism Board,” says Leung. “We look forward to introducing travelers to some of Hong Kong’s best kept culinary secrets and providing them an opportunity to experience our living culture.”

Tai Po Market Foodie Tour operates on Fridays departing at 3 pm. The inaugural tour departs on Friday, 29th May, 2015. Tickets are $890 for Adult Foodies (aged 15 and above), HK$640 for Young Foodies (age 5-14) and can be purchased online at

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