Happy 3rd Anniversary to our Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour!

From now until April 25, 2015, book two different Foodie Tours with us and get 20% off your second Foodie Tour! For more details, please visit our Promo Page.

See It. Eat It. Love It.

Hong Kong Foodie takes you on walking food tour to explore and taste Hong Kong. Accompanied by one of our local Foodie guides, you will visit neighborhoods in Hong Kong and Kowloon, savor Cantonese cuisine like a true Hong Kong local. During our tour, we will also share stories about  the way of living, history and culture of the people living in Asia's World City. By the end of our journey, hopefully you will have a happy belly and know more about Hong Kong than a local.

Join us on one of our food tours and become a Hong Kong Foodie today!

Why become a Hong Kong Foodie?

  • You want to eat like a local but you don't know what to order
  • You have no idea what the Chinese menu says and you don't know if it comes cooked or raw
  • You want to learn more about Hong Kong's culinary culture beyond just tasting different foods and drinks
  • You want to stroll around with a local buddy (who is also a licensed Hong Kong tour guide) to learn more about our culture and history
  • You want to explore Hong Kong off the beaten path on a unique walking tour even though you live in Hong Kong or visit frequently

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