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Hong Kong Dessert — Mango “Hor Fun”

There are lots of different types of Hong Kong desserts. In the hot summer months, one of the preferred desserts for us locals is “leung fun”.  Sometimes called “grass jelly”, “leung fun” is like a jello. Often, it is cut into little cubes and served with syrup or fruit. Today, we tried one of the popular Hong Kong desserts — Mango Hor Fun.  Hor Fun typically refers to a wide Chinese noodle similar to fettuccine but here, it is a type of leung fun (or grass jelly) shaped like hor fun.  It is very smooth in texture.  By itself, it doesn’t have much taste but when served cold with fruits such as mangoes, it is sweet and very refreshing, especially on ...

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Quintessential Hong Kong meal — roast goose lai fun

For those of you who have been to our Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour, you know how much Hong Kong people love roast meat. One of our favorites is roast goose, especially when it’s served with a bowl of delicious lai fun (somewhat like fat spaghetti) with soup. Geese are quite meaty and more fatty than duck. The ones roasted to perfection have a slightly crispy skin which usually has a thin layer of fat underneath but the meat is still moist and tender, retaining most of its flavors. Avoid overcooked geese as they could be very tough! As you bite into a piece of perfectly done roast goose, the fat from the crispy skin melts in your mouth together with the ...

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Winter Melon Soup in the Summertime!

It is so hot in Hong Kong these days! What else is better to help relief some of the heat other than having some winter melon!  Winter melon soup is one of the favorite soups for Hong Kong’s summertime. What is winter melon?  Winter melon is a type of gourd typically grown in hot climates.  This giant gourd typically weighs more than 10 kg. Ironically, winter melon is usually eaten in the summer time when the weather is hot. Its mild sweet taste makes it very appetizing in the summer. It is often used as a main ingredient in soups. Chinese’s belief in yin and yang carries through to its food.  Winter melon is believed to have a cooling element. ...

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