For those of you who have been to our Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour, you know how much Hong Kong people love roast meat. One of our favorites is roast goose, especially when it’s served with a bowl of delicious lai fun (somewhat like fat spaghetti) with soup.

Geese are quite meaty and more fatty than duck. The ones roasted to perfection have a slightly crispy skin which usually has a thin layer of fat underneath but the meat is still moist and tender, retaining most of its flavors. Avoid overcooked geese as they could be very tough! As you bite into a piece of perfectly done roast goose, the fat from the crispy skin melts in your mouth together with the juice flowing from the meat. It is just heavenly.

Many of us in Hong Kong love to specify the roast goose leg (usually at a premium) when we order our roast goose noodles as it is usually more tender. Those who are super-carnivores often prefer the goose breast which is more meaty.

Although the roast goose is the spotlight, a great bowl of lai fun noodles is also an essential accompaniment. Lai fun noodles are made with glutinous rice which gives it more of a chewy texture than most other noodles. Like western pasta, the noodles should not be overcooked. More importantly, the soup base is what gives the noodles the flavor. The broth has usually been simmered for hours before serving.

Roast Goose Leg Lai Fun

When I eat my roast goose lai fun, I like to dip it in a little plum sauce. Imagine the highly flavorful and juicy goose meat, slight fat melting under the crispy skin which has been dipped into sweet plum sauce and a spoonful of lai fun noodles in a sweet broth.  If you have not tried it yet, we highly recommend it!