We recently wrote a guest blog for The Food Travel Company.  Follow us on foodie excursion to explore Hong Kong’s New Territories and to taste some delicious treats.

Hong Kong is renowned for its stunningly beautiful skyline, its shopping and, of course, it is also known as a foodie heaven. Many people who come on to our Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour ask us where else they should go, or what other off-the-beaten path activities they should do during their stay. For those who would like to experience the real Hong Kong, we’d highly recommend a one-day adventure in the New Territories to immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Hong Kong. The hike out of the city centre is worth it as there are abundant opportunities to sample truly local dishes offered by the diverse eateries, so Foodie travellers should definitely hop onto the MTR north bound.

Starting off in Tai Wai, just north of Kowloon, it’s great to spend some time exploring the remnants of various Walled Villages. When it’s time for lunch, we have two suggestions for you. The gastronomically adventurous should try roast baby pigeons at Fung Lum Restaurant, just across the street from the Tai Wai MTR Station. Dry roasted to perfection, these pigeons are served hot with crispy skin and juicy meat. Pigeons taste a bit like duck and can be dipped into accompanying dipping salt or Worcestershire sauce. I prefer to savor the pigeons in their natural flavor. Don’t be shy, forget your chopsticks, just use your hands. At Fung Lum, I’d also suggest ordering the pea pods with garlic as well as salt and pepper prawns.

Roasted Pigeons

Roasted Pigeons

If you are seeking more familiar tastes, try Xin Dau Ji, a classic Cantonese-styled restaurant renowned for its succulent roast suckling pigs. Other favorites include sweet and sour pork and garoupa in sweet corn sauce.

After lunch, before hopping onto the train again for further exploration, how about dessert? Tucked in a small shop just a few blocks away from Fung Lum or Xin Dau Ji, Friends Dessert’s extensive menu includes many western desserts such as chocolate lava cake, apple crumble and souffle. Their best, however, are the classic Hong Kong-styled “sweet soup” such as almond soup or black sesame soup. Our favorite is its home-made cashew soup and those with a few calories to spare can also add glutinous rice balls filled with black sesame.
Cashew Soup with Glutinuous Balls

Cashew Soup with Glutinuous Balls

With full bellies, we suggest taking the MTR further north to Fanling. This area has witnessed massive transformation over the last few decades. It was not so long ago that cows still grazed grass here but has now developed into one of many satellite towns in the New Territories. By following a path leading from the MTR station, you quickly arrive at one of Hong Kong’s local apiaries, Po Sang Yuen Bee Farm. With more than 80 years of history, it produces various types of honey which are all natural without preservatives. If you’re a bit thirsty after hiking around the area, try a refreshing glass of honey served with a slice of lemon. It will rejuvenate you. Behind the little tasting area, up on the slope sits the bee farm itself. If you are lucky, one of the bee keepers might come and give you a tour.

Po San Yuen Bee Farm

Po San Yuen Bee Farm

After an afternoon exploring the Fanling area, hop back onto the MTR and head back south for dinner at an outdoor food stall or eatery, dai pai dong. One such group of dai pai dongs can be found in Fo Tan. Nestled among industrial buildings, some of which have recently been converted to art galleries, these dai pai dongs are famous for their chicken congeeChung Chung Food Shop is one such stall. Alternatively, get off at Shatin station and take a short bus or taxi ride to Wo Che and look for Chan Kun Kee. Originally catering to residents at the government-subsidized Wo Che Housing Estate, these dai pai dongs now attract foodies from around Hong Kong. Whether at Fo Tan or Wo Che, try the clams stir fried in black bean sauce and oyster “cake”. These are just a few of their signature dishes. Pretty much you name it, they can make it. Local favorites include shrimp with scrambled eggs, or beef spare ribs in black pepper sauce. Most of these dai pai dongs, especially the ones in Fo Tan, are open till late into the night.

Hong Kong is truly a gastronomical paradise. If you are visiting Hong Kong, join us on our Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour which departs at 2:15 pm, Mondays to Saturdays. On this tour, we take visitors off the beaten path to sample some of Hong Kong’s classic food during a 4-hour walk in the afternoon. Advanced ticket purchase is required. We will also be introducing a second tour soon so stay tuned. For more information on our tours, visit our website at www.hongkongfoodietours.com.

Fung Lum Restaurant

45-47 Tseun Lam Road, Tai Wai.

Tel +852 2692 1175

Xin Dau Ji (新斗記)

G/F, Hong Lok Building

76 Chik Fuk Street

Tai Wai

Tel +852 3102 2282

Friends Dessert (五代同堂)

G/F, Kut Hing House

25 Chik Shun Street

Tai Wai


Po Sang Yuen Bee Farm (寶生園蜂埸)

8 Pak Fuk Tsuen Road


Tel:  +852 2669 5840

Chung Chung Food Shop (津津食家)

Shan Mei Street, Food Market

Fo Tan East

Tel +852 2591 2660

Chan Kun Kee (陳根記)

No. 3-5 Wo Che Estate Market


Tel +852 2606 1390