Brrrrr…. Winter has hit Hong Kong! The mercury is dropping fast and weather conditions are expected to stay chilly in the coming week. With temperature falling, what are the top dishes to try in Hong Kong to keep ourselves warm? Hong Kong Foodie shares our four favorite Hong Kong winter dishes.

1. Hot Pot

Hot Pot hong kong winter dishes

If you are like us and prefer steaming hot food, hot pot is a great way to ensure everything still has steam on your plate or bowl in this weather. Dip fresh seafood like prawns and scallops, or wagyu beef and fresh chicken in a soup base like hot and spicy broth, and your body will surely feel warmed up. What’s even better is you can mix your own concoction of dipping sauce from a selection of sauces and garnishes like peanut sauce, soy sauce, XO sauce, sesame oil, fresh chili and garlic, cilantro and spring onions.

2. Snake Soup

Snake Soup

If you have joined our Tai Po Market Foodie Tour, you will have tasted snake soup. Chinese believe snake soup increases circulation, thus keeping your body warm. If you are adventurous enough, ask for a glass of snake wine which heats up your body even faster.

Find out more about how snake soup warms up your body here!

3. Cantonese Lamb Stew

Cantonese lamb stew Hong Kong winter dishes

Another favorite Hong Kong winter dish is Cantonese lamb stew, also known as Cantonese braised lamb or lamb pot. The interesting thing is that despite being often called “lamb stew” in English, the meat used most often in Hong Kong is actually goat! This stew is often it is served in a clay pot, cooked with bean curd sheets, mushrooms and more in a savory sauce. The pot sits on a hot plate and bubbles while you eat, ensuring everything remains hot!

4. Claypot Rice

claypot rice Hong Kong winter dishes

And finally, we must mention our favorite among all four Hong Kong winter dishes. You can easily have a complete meal with just claypot rice. From spare ribs to chicken or even frog, you can choose from a variety of toppings to be cooked with your rice. The most common type is preserved Chinese sausages (lap cheong) and meat. The best part, we think, is the golden, crispy rice stuck to the bottom of the pot!

You can actually recreate this delicious winter dish at home! Find out how to make claypot rice with our recipe.

We hope these four Hong Kong winter dishes will keep Winter Foodies warm and take away some of your shivers during the cold days in the week ahead! Enjoy and stay toasty warm!