What is a food tour?

A food tour is a guided walking tour with a focus on a city’s culinary culture. On our food tours, you will led by one of our Foodies who will take you to discover great eateries in selected neighborhoods where you will taste delicious classic Hong Kong cuisine at 6 local restaurants. As you meander through the neighborhoods, you will also learn about the history and culture of Hong Kong.

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When should I take a food tour during my trip?

We recommend visitors to Hong Kong take our food tours during the beginning of your stay. Our Foodie Tours can help you understand our local culture better, allowing you to explore the rest of Hong Kong with greater confidence. Moreover, our customers tend to revisit the tasting locations, some of which offer discounts to our tour participants.

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I have dietary restrictions, can I still join the Foodie Tours?

Except for the Tai Po Market Foodie Tour and Temple Street Night Foodie Tour, we do our best to accommodate your dietary needs on our other Foodie Tours. For the Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour and the Sham Shui Po Foodie Tour, If you require the substitutes for vegetarian, no shrimp, no pork, no eggs, dairy free and gluten free, please check the applicable boxes for your dietary needs when you purchase ticket to our Foodie Tours online. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee tastings for all dietary preferences, restrictions or allergies, such as MSG-free, as not all of our tasting locations are able to offer alternatives. Please also note that we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination may not occur. If you ...

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I am currently living in Hong Kong, can I take a food or beer tour?

Absolutely! We welcome visitors from all around the world and, of course, locals and expats in Hong Kong as well! Not only will our tours offer you food and drinks, they will also provide you with a lot of historical and cultural information that you may not even know! Moreover, we will share interesting stories about each of our tasting location.

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Can I participate in your Foodie Tour if I am pregnant?

Sure! We welcome everyone, pregnant or not. Please note that there will be a bit of walking and standing on our walking food tours, but we have seating arrangements available at some of our tasting locations. We will also do our best to accommodate your pace. Please let us know if you are pregnant.

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Can children participate in your Foodie Tours?

Of course!  We welcome Young Foodies (age 5-14) to our food tours but they must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 5 who will not consume any additional tastings at the tasting locations do not require a separate ticket. We recommend parents to assess whether their children would like to participate given the amount of standing and walking (including up slopes and stairs) during the almost 4-hour tour. For our Hong Kong Local Craft Beer Tour, however, unfortunately, only adults aged 18 or above can participate.

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How much walking is involved?

On our walking food tours, we will be on our feet for much of the 3- to 4-hour duration. The total distance covered is approximately 2 km. We will have seating arrangements provided at some of the tasting locations. There will also be at least 2 restroom breaks during the tour. On our Hong Kong Local Craft Beer Tour, as we will travel by private bus to the tasting locations, only a short distance of walking is required.

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