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Green Tea

Refreshing and cooling, green tea is loved by many especially for its antioxidant. From our classic Jade Jewel green tea to dragonwell longjing, biluochun and more, we have something for you.

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White Tea

White Peony is our go-to white tea, but other white teas include Shou Mei, Silver Needle and more.

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Black Tea

Did you know black tea is actually called red tea in Chinese? Savor some delicious black tea with gorgeous bright red color.

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Dark Tea

Dark tea usually refers to ripe Pu’er tea. Grounding and mellow, it is also believed it would aid digestion. Best to enjoy after a heavy meal (like on our Foodie Tours).

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Oolong Tea

From Iron Buddha (Tieguanyin) to Phoenix Dancong or Taiwanese Jinxuan, oolong is the favorite of many tea lovers with its many different aromas.

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Hong Kong Foodie Tours are Back with New Tea Tasting Experience

We have lots of exciting news to share including Foodie Tour resumption, new tea tasting experience, gift ideas and more! Two Foodie Tours will Resume After a long wait, we are excited to let you know that our Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour and Sham Shui Po Foodie Tour will be resuming in December! To celebrate, we are offering 20% discount now through Cyber Monday, November 28, 2022. Get your friends together and book a Foodie Tour now! Save with promo code BLACKFRIDAY22. New Tea Tasting Experience Introducing our new Tea Tasting Experience! In collaboration with our sister company, Pekoe&Petals, we will be offering a new Tea Tasting Experience from December to February on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Book one of our theme-based Tea Tasting Experiences from now until Cyber Monday for ...

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Send Your Loved Ones Hong Kong Foodie Postcards!

Order our series of Hong Kong Foodie Postcards, created in collaboration with renowned Hong Kong illustrator Vansketcher! If you’ve been looking for beautiful Hong Kong postcards to send your loved ones, look no further. These postcards showcase Hong Kong’s unique food and living culture. Each set contains four hand-drawn postcards, featuring the foods and heritage attractions you’ve come across on our Foodie Tours. There has never been a series of Hong Kong postcards more perfect for foodies! Simply write a heartfelt message on the back and mail one to each of your food-loving friends. They’re bound to love them, and you! Check out the four sets of Hong Kong postcards: Sham Shui Po Foodie Postcard Set The star of this ...

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Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (Tuen Neen Fan)

Imagine plates teeming with food and completely covering the dining table, small children running around the tiny, cramped apartment, adults huddled around the television, trying to block out the piercing voices of their sugar-high children – these are the essentials that make up a Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner. Also known as Tuen Neen Fan (團年飯) or reunion dinner, this feast is eaten the night before the first day of the Chinese New Year, and is when the entire family gathers to conclude the year together before a new beginning. The Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner plays a significant role in Chinese culture, and is one of the traditional events Chinese communities worldwide look forward to most. However, Chinese New ...

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Four Hong Kong Winter Dishes to Fight the Cold Weather

Brrrrr…. Winter has hit Hong Kong! The mercury is dropping fast and weather conditions are expected to stay chilly in the coming week. With temperature falling, what are the top dishes to try in Hong Kong to keep ourselves warm? Hong Kong Foodie shares our four favorite Hong Kong winter dishes. 1. Hot Pot If you are like us and prefer steaming hot food, hot pot is a great way to ensure everything still has steam on your plate or bowl in this weather. Dip fresh seafood like prawns and scallops, or wagyu beef and fresh chicken in a soup base like hot and spicy broth, and your body will surely feel warmed up. What’s even better is you can mix ...

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5 Short and Scenic Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

The cooler months are finally arriving in Hong Kong! Are you ready to seize this short-lived window of beautiful weather to explore the great outdoors? Many visitors opt for hiking the Dragon’s Back in Shek O, but did you know Hong Kong has many other off-the-beaten-track yet scenic hiking trails to offer? We are here to suggest five Hong Kong short hiking trails for you to start your workout in this refreshing weather! Two of the following trails are on Hong Kong Island and three of them are in the New Territories. Have a fun walk and discover the beautiful countryside of Hong Kong! 1.  Mount High West Spare two hours to hike up the Mount High West on West ...

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