It’s hard to believe that five years ago, we created Hong Kong Foodie, setting out to share our passion of Hong Kong, its food and its culture. Our mission was to lead hungry souls from around the world to wander off the beaten path to taste some of Hong Kong’s favorite foods. The journey we took in the last five years has been exhilarating and rewarding. When you are having fun, time flies! Today, we celebrate our 5th Foodie Anniversary!

Central & Sheung Wan Foodies

The day we launched Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour is firmly permanently etched in our minds. We recall how we eagerly waited for the first ticket to be sold. This photo shows participants at one of the first food tours led by our Operations Director, Silvana.

At the time, culinary tourism was nascent in Hong Kong. Few walking tours existed. Hong Kong Foodie was the only travel company dedicated to operating food tours in Hong Kong. In five years’ time, a few other companies have sprung up in Hong Kong offering culinary tour experiences. However, Hong Kong Foodie remains one of the very few food tours created by Hong Kong locals and led by Hong Kong locals.

Since then, we launched Sham Shui Po Foodie Tour as well as Tai Po Market Foodie Tour, both winners of Hong Kong Tourism Board’s New Tour Product Development Scheme. On these three different routes, we have taken thousands of foodies on a gastronomic exploration of Hong Kong to learn not just our delicious foods and drinks but to get a taste of this city’s living culture.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our Foodie participants, many of them have come back to join our new food tours every time they return to Hong Kong. Some have even joined the same tour multiple times, each time bringing different friends and family along. It is a perfect experience for those looking for unique things to do in Hong Kong.

We also want to thank the families who run the mom-and-pop eateries we visit. They pour their heart out every day serving Hong Kong’s quintessential dishes.

Our Foodie Team deserves a huge round of applause. From Foodie Guides to those working behind the scenes, we strive to ensure we provide the best food tour experience in Hong Kong.

Thanks also to unsung heroes, including our family and friends who have stood behind us and lending all sorts of support to us.

To celebrate five years of Hong Kong food tours, we are giving away two tickets to our Foodie Tours every week for the next five weeks through our Foodie Photo Contest. To learn more about it and get a chance to win two Foodie tickets, check out details here.