Sheung Wan is conveniently located beside Central but it has its own unique personality. The area’s rich cultural heritage makes it an excellent choice for the visitor to explore. Here are eight cool things to do in Sheung Wan.

1. Discover Local Entrepreneurs at PMQ

PMQ stands for Police Married Quarters, but you don’t have to be either to visit this hub for local start ups and creative entrepreneurs. Housing the city’s most talented artists and promising young designers, PMQ is a space reimagined. If you’re feeling inspired by the exhibitions and work on display, why not book a place at one of the many workshops that are held here? We guarantee it will get your own creative juices flowing.

2. Take our Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour

Shrimp Dumpling Har Gow Dim Sum

Every visitor needs to look after their stomach and what better way to explore a neighbourhood than with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic Foodie Guide? Our Central and Sheung Wan Foodie Tour is, of course, our most favorite thing to do in Sheung Wan. Discover the classic foods that have made Hong Kong what it is today: sample the benefits of the sweet treats on offer at the Preserved Fruits Specialty House, savor the tasty food on offer at a dim sum specialty restaurant and check out one of our best-loved local bakeries.

3. Window Shop in Dry Seafood Street and Chinese Medicine Street

You will encounter dried seafood in all manner of Chinese dishes and to find the best ingredients, you should head to Des Voeux Road West. Nicknamed Dry Seafood Street, it was once lined with shops selling salted fish. These days, the area is more residential, but you can still find stores whose business focuses on products like dried scallop, black moss and dried snakeskin. A stone’s throw from Dry Seafood Street is Chinese Medicine Street, officially named Ko Shing Street. As you might expect, it is the place to go if you are interested in Chinese tonic foods such as ginseng and bird’s nest, traditionally thought to boost energy levels and increase your chance of living to a ripe old age.

4. Hunt Out Hong Kong’s Most Vibrant Street Art

One of the great pleasures of big city living is the youthful dynamic that its residents bring. When that energy manifests itself in the form of street art, urban landscapes become a colourful art installation that everyone can enjoy.  One of the coolest things to do in Sheung Wan is to take a walk to hunt out the district’s best murals. Begin with Kwong Fuk Ancestral Hall. It is one of the most colourful thanks to a skilful facelift on this Grade II listed building courtesy of local artists Cheng Ka-yan and i-dArt. Afterwards, we think it’s a must to head down to Tank Lane. There you will find yourself face to face with a wall-sized tribute to the iconic Bruce Lee by South Korean graffiti king XEVA.

5. Follow the Sun Yat Sen TrailSun Yat Sen Trail

Dr Sun Yat Sen is widely held to be the “father of Chinese revolutions” and this 3.3km historical trail is a must for anyone who’s interested in finding out more about his life and legacy. He came up with many of his ideas in Central and Sheung Wan and the districts have erected a number of plaques that highlight important aspects of Dr Sun’s work. Make your way to Hong Kong University, where Dr Sun studied from 1887 to 1892, as well as the meeting place of “the four outlaws” in Gough Street before continuing to Central where you will find the site of the China Daily, a once-revolutionary newspaper first published in Stanley Street. You’ll need to allow at least two hours to walk the length of the Sun Yat Sen Trail plus allow time for its sixteen stops.

6. Hang Out with the Tai Chi Grannies Hollywood Road Park

You can watch the elderly doing tai chi right here in Hollywood Road Park. The park’s Chinese-style architectural details are a fitting backdrop to this ancient martial art. The gentle, graceful movements are designed to help balance the body’s internal yin and yang. Practitioners believe it is as good for their mental health as it is for their physical wellbeing.

7. Pay Your Respects at Man Mo TempleMan Mo Temple

Sheung Wan is blessed with more than its fair share of historic temples and the best known is Man Mo. It takes its name from the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo). Between them, these two gods attracted the attention of students aiming to find work as officials in Imperial China. Sheung Wan’s Man Mo Temple is the largest in Hong Kong and as such, well worth a visit. We would also recommend a detour to the clutch of temples found at Tai Ping Shan. Our picks? Kwun Yam is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, while Pak Sing Ancestral Hall once acted as a morgue for bodies awaiting transfer to mainland China for burial.

8. Immerse Yourself in Hong Kong’s Coffee Culture

Sheung Wan is proud of its café culture, with a ton of tiny coffee shops crammed with the many start-up entrepreneurs that are based in the neighbourhood. Grab a seat beside them and tap into their energy. If that doesn’t work, ask the barista to add an extra shot of espresso instead. Barista Jam’s signature drip coffee is unrivaled and the vintage porcelain used at Halfway Coffee earns it a place on our “cup-it” list. If you are keen to improve your own barista skills, sign up for a Latte Art class at Why 50? Learn how to steam milk like a professional and try your hand at pouring the perfect latte.

What would be your pick of the things to do in Sheung Wan? Why not sign up for our Foodie Tour and come and tell us where you plan to head next?