You know where to find craft beer in Hong Kong, but did you know about the interesting flavors with which Hong Kong’s local brewers have blessed our city? We have rounded up some of the most unique beers the Hong Kong craft beer scene has to offer in this list. All our selections are brewed in Hong Kong, by breweries started right here in the 852.

1.   Sugarcane Stout from Mak’s Brewery

Founded in 2014 by three young Hong Kongers, Mak’s Brewery prides themselves on using locally grown ingredients in creating their Hong Kong craft beer. We find their unique Sugarcane Stout to almost taste like an IPA. It is hoppy, with aromas of deeply roasted malt, burnt caramel, chocolate, yeast, and the subtle fragrance of sugarcane.

Wait… but what does sugarcane even taste like? Try sugarcane juice on our Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour to get a taste of this clean, refreshingly sweet drink!

2.   Salted Lime Gose from Young Master Brewery

No conversation about Hong Kong craft beers can go without mentioning Young Master Brewery’s Cha Chaan Teng Gose. Brewed with salted lime, an ingredient commonly used in cha chaan tengs for salted lime sodas, this is the quintessential Hong Kong craft beer. It is tart like all Gose should be, but is also salty and refreshing with hints of citrus. We think it is the perfect thirst quencher to have in hand while lounging at the beach.

3.   Gweilo x Kagua Yuzu Hazy IPA

Gweilo Beer has teamed up with Japanese craft brewer Kagua to produce their first ever collaboration brew– the Gweilo x Kagua Yuzu Hazy IPA. With a base of Denali, Amarillo and Citra base, this beer has been aggressively pumped with yuzu, resulting in a juicy explosion of fruity flavors. Besides yuzu, its aromas include whiffs of malt and florals.

4.   Oh, Bacon! from Black Kite Brewery

Black Kite Brewery’s Oh, Bacon! is a Rauchbier-smoked ale that tastes exactly how its name suggests– like bacon. Though not exactly the best representation of Hong Kong culture, we found this beer too interesting to leave out of our list. It is not shy at all, packing in aromas of smoked malts, greasy bacon, and a smoky aftertaste that lingers in the mouth.

5.   South Cloud Yunnan Lager from Moonzen Brewery

Moonzen Brewery’s South Cloud Yunnan Lager is brisk and refreshing, brewed with southern hops and Yunnan raw Pu’er tea for a distinctively Chinese flair. It tastes grainy, and grassy, with hints of tea leaves and wood. Its crisp flavors cut through the stifling Hong Kong humidity, making it another great summer drink.

6.   Thai Chilli Getaway by Yardley Brothers

A Hong Kong craft beer with a South-East Asian twist, Thai Chilli Getaway is one of Yardley Brothers’ punchiest, boldest brews to date. The Lamma Island-based brewery was inspired by classic Thai cuisine in creating this chilli basil sour, lacing it with notes of fresh basil and red birds eye chilli. Zesty and herbal with a long, fiery burn, this is not a beer for the faint-hearted.

7.   Love! Harry (Lemongrass Saison) by Lion Rock Brewery

Lion Rock Brewery’s Love! Harry is a Belgian farmhouse ale best for the sweltering summer months. Straw-colored, with a light body and a dry finish, this ale has been infused with lemongrass, grapefruit and apple. If you’re looking for a sweet and clean drink, you’ve found it.

8.   Pumpkin Ale from Kowloon Bay Brewery

The pumpkin spice latte of Hong Kong craft beer, Kowloon Bay Brewery’s Pumpkin Ale will satisfy all your Thanksgiving (or year-round) pumpkin pie cravings. This sweet ale is warm and lightly spiced, with touches of cinnamon, pumpkin, fruit and malt. Give it a go when it becomes available during the Halloween Season!

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