by Rachel Au

You know where to find craft beer in Hong Kong, but did you know about the interesting flavors with which Hong Kong’s local brewers have blessed our city? We have rounded up some of the most unique beers the Hong Kong craft beer scene has to offer in this list. All our selections are brewed in Hong Kong, by breweries started right here in the 852.

1.   S.E.A. Sour from Yardley Brothers

Photo credit: Yardley Brothers

A limited edition Hong Kong craft beer recently launched in July 2020, S.E.A. Sour is Yardley Brothers’ newest creation. This experimental sour beer is brewed using the fermentation style of jiuniang rice dessert, giving it a unique, funky pineapple note and a rich dose of umami. For a bit of fun, the Yardley Brothers have buried three real treasure chests on Lamma Island, and the map can be found on the underside of each bottle’s label! Join the scavenger hunt by visiting the Yardley Brothers Beer Shack on Lamma Island to grab a bottle of S.E.A. Sour and a map to the Three Lost Treasures of McYardley.

2.  Little Rich Lupulins from Carbon Brews

Known for their IPAs, Carbon Brews has recently released Little Rich Lupulins v.6 this August, a hazy IPA bursting with juicy, tropical hop flavors, balanced by a pithy bitterness. This is the sixth version of Little Rich Lupulins, the little brother of their more decadent brew Crazy Rich Lupulins. To showcase their ideas, Carbon Brews releases a new version of Little Rich Lupulins every season, so if you’re hoping to try out the current version, you better be quick!

Carbon Brews beers can be found at numerous stores across Hong Kong, but if the coronavirus has left you reluctant to leave the comforts of your own home, you can also get their beers delivered to your doorstep. Order on Owlsome Bottles, where you will receive free delivery for orders over HK$400.

What’s more – the team at Carbon Brews holds live virtual tastings on Facebook every now and then! To find out when the virtual tastings are held, check their Facebook page for the latest updates.

3. Doppelbock by H.K. Lovecraft

Photo credit: H.K. Lovecraft

This Tsing Yi-based brewery’s Doppelbock offers notes of burnt honey and a peppery zing, resulting in a rich-tasting lager that feels like a cold, misty dawn in an autumn forest. This lager also offers a higher alcohol content than your average beer, at 8%.

Order now and you can get 15% off all beers by ordering on H.K. Lovecraft’s online shop, plus free shipping on purchases of just over HK$400!

4.   Sugarcane Stout from Mak’s Beer

Photo credit: Mak’s Beer

Founded in 2014 by three young Hong Kongers, Mak’s Beer prides themselves on using locally grown ingredients in creating their Hong Kong craft beer. We find their unique Sugarcane Stout to almost taste like an IPA. It is hoppy, with aromas of deeply roasted malt, burnt caramel, chocolate, yeast, and the subtle fragrance of sugarcane.

Wait… but what does sugarcane even taste like? Try sugarcane juice on our Central & Sheung Wan Foodie Tour to get a taste of this clean, refreshingly sweet drink!

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5.   HEA CBD Beer from Young Master Brewery

Photo credit: Young Master Brewery

Infused with 60mg of pure CBD isolate per liter, Young Master Brewery’s newest series of beers was brewed to offer better balance in both your mental and physical states. Named HEA, after the Cantonese slang which means “to chill” or “to kill time”, this series is an elegant and versatile pale ale designed for every occasion.

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a safe and natural compound extracted from the hemp plant. It has been reported to offer a wide variety of wellness benefits, from reducing anxiety to relieving back pain. Although CBD is one of the hundreds of components in marijuana, it is not psychoactive, meaning that it will not get you high. Grab a pack of HEA CBD beers from the Young Master online shop to get a taste of the many benefits yourself!

6.   Squeeze the Day from Black Kite Brewery

Photo credit: Black Kite Brewery

Squeeze the Day, Black Kite Brewery’s newest limited edition release, is the perfect companion to Hong Kong classics like lemon chicken and sweet and sour pork. This light and refreshing hefeweizen pours hazy orange, with hints of citrus peel and tangelo. 

When brewing this beer, Black Kite Brewery had a goal of creating something similar to their ex-core wheat beer, but with a refreshing twist – nothing too much to distract from the classic banana and clove of a good Hefe, and just enough citrus to make it feel like you’ve put a slice of lemon (or tangelo) into it. The end result is a wonderfully balanced brew, reminiscent of marmalade and fantastic with Cantonese food.

Get this beer at The Globe in SoHo, Tramline Liquor Co in Kennedy Town,,, or through Black Kite Brewery directly by emailing!

7.   Zhong Kui Imperial Stout from Moonzen Brewery

Photo credit: Moonzen Brewery

Moonzen Brewery serves up a variety of quirky craft beers inspired by Chinese folklore and Hong Kong culture, and their newest addition is no exception. Released just in time for the Hungry Ghost Festival on 2 September, their Zhong Kui Imperial Stout offers flavors that resemble the essence of 80,000 demons, captured by the legendary demon hunter Zhong Kui. With notes of espresso, chocolate, molasses, and marshmallow, brought to you in an extremely cool Ghost Festival-inspired bottle, this stout is definitely one of the most interesting Hong Kong craft beer in the city.

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8.  This Town Needs Beer by Heroes Beer Co.

Photo credit: Heroes Beer Co.

This Town Needs Beer is a jasmine summer ale created in collaboration with This Town Needs, a Hong Kong independent live music venue that sadly closed down earlier this year because of the coronavirus. Specifically designed to help you get through Hong Kong’s notoriously hot and humid summers, this brew is combines a sweet, rich jasmine aroma with tangerine and lychee fruitiness from hops. This Town Needs might’ve closed down, but you’ll still be able to experience the essence of live indie music by sipping on this beer!

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Want to dive deeper into Hong Kong’s craft beer scene? You can tour local breweries, chat with brewers, and savor an array of beers made right here in the city on our Hong Kong Local Craft Beer Tour! Email us at for more information on private bookings. Our tours are run in full compliance with social distancing and group gathering laws set forth by the Hong Kong government.