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Green Tea

Refreshing and cooling, green tea is loved by many especially for its antioxidant. From our classic Jade Jewel green tea to dragonwell longjing, biluochun and more, we have something for you.

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White Tea

White Peony is our go-to white tea, but other white teas include Shou Mei, Silver Needle and more.

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Black Tea

Did you know black tea is actually called red tea in Chinese? Savor some delicious black tea with gorgeous bright red color.

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Dark Tea

Dark tea usually refers to ripe Pu’er tea. Grounding and mellow, it is also believed it would aid digestion. Best to enjoy after a heavy meal (like on our Foodie Tours).

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Oolong Tea

From Iron Buddha (Tieguanyin) to Phoenix Dancong or Taiwanese Jinxuan, oolong is the favorite of many tea lovers with its many different aromas.

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