Travel to Hong Kong

As Hong Kong finds itself rocked by anti-government protests, tourists are wondering whether it is still safe to travel to Hong Kong. While some may cancel their flights and rethink their travel plans, we see an opportunity to witness Hong Kong in a different light. Here are our seven reasons why you should visit Hong Kong now.

1. Cheaper hotel rates

Hotel prices have plummeted across Hong Kong as hotels struggle to retain occupancy rates. If you’ve always wanted to stay at a fancy 5-star hotel, this is your chance! Travel to Hong Kong now and you could possibly bag yourself a high-end hotel room at a fraction of its usual price. We found that last-minute rates are exceptionally low, for example 5-star luxury hotel JW Marriott now has standard rooms going for HK$1,600, 30% cheaper than the same booking one month later. Conrad Hong Kong’s standard rooms are now priced at HK$1,700, over 20% cheaper than if you book for November. Room rates may vary with time, but are most likely staying low in the coming few weeks. Hurry and book your hotel room in Hong Kong now!

2. Cheaper air fares

Expensive plane tickets might have been one of the reasons holding you back from travelling. If that’s the case, travel to Hong Kong now! You might just be surprised at how cheap flights to Hong Kong could be these days. Fall and winter have always been a popular time for tourists to travel to Hong Kong and airlines used to capitalized on that with higher air fares. With fewer tourists travelling to Hong Kong now, airlines have lowered their prices. Don’t miss out on these cheap plane tickets and book your flight to Hong Kong today!

3. Less crowded places

Tourist favourites like Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay are notorious for being crowded. However, the situation in Hong Kong has driven crowds away from even the most popular destinations. We visited both areas recently and found them to be the quietest they have been in months. If you hate noisy, crowded places, now is the time to visit Hong Kong.

Besides Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay, be sure to check out the area surrounding Graham Street and Hollywood Road. Teeming with street art, this area is usually packed with photographers. Visit now before the crowds return so that you can get a shot without people in the background!

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4. Shorter queues

Hong Kong is infamous for its crazy waits at both restaurants and theme parks. Thankfully, with fewer tourists travelling to Hong Kong, you won’t have to wait in line for so long anymore. This is the best time to check out popular restaurants like the Australia Dairy Company! The queue there is usually at least 30 minutes long, so going now would be your best bet. If you’re looking for something to do, why not go to Ocean Park, where you can finally go on roller coasters with much shorter of a wait! Also be sure to take the Peak Tram while other tourists are still avoiding Hong Kong, because the wait is usually ridiculously long.

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5. Less traffic

Hong Kong is known to be a nightmare to drive in, with its narrow roads and sheer number of cars. Roads have become much less busy since the protests began as Hong Kong braces itself for action on the streets. If you have always wanted to go for a drive in Hong Kong, now is the time. We would recommend against driving on weekends as that is when demonstrations and protests are usually held, but weekdays nights are a lot quieter than they used to be.

6. Support our local small businesses

Small businesses and local mom-and-pop shops are the stores that capture “real Hong Kong” best, but are also the ones suffering most from the protests. The high rents they pay do not budge, but fewer tourists means less income for these independently-owned businesses. Why not help these local stores get through this difficult time by visiting Hong Kong now? Besides being a great help, you’ll also get to see the most local side of Hong Kong by eating out at a neighborhood noodle shack or grabbing a bite from a local bakery.

Tips: Day time is the best time to see Hong Kong as most businesses are open as usual and most areas are not affected by protests. Visit a 60-year-old noodle shop in Sham Shui Po and try their fresh handmade noodles with us on our morning Sham Shui Po Foodie Tour!

7. The chance to witness a historic moment

If you are curious about the protests, you now have the opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the most crucial turning points in history for Hong Kong. Those who are brave enough will be able to witness a city in peak political turmoil. If that’s what you’re interested in, we’d suggest visiting a demonstration that has been approved by the police during the day and leaving before nightfall, as violence tends to escalate after dark. It could be interesting to talk to protesters to learn about what compels them to fight for their beliefs in this tumultuous moment. Visiting the many Lennon Walls in Hong Kong are also a good way to see how the city feels towards democracy and the protests. They have been set up in various locations, including Tai Po and Causeway Bay. 

We must mention that we cannot guarantee that Hong Kong is 100% safe to visit, but we can confidently say that there are good reasons to travel to Hong Kong now. Once you decide to visit Hong Kong, be sure to keep yourself updated with the latest news. We suggest tracking hashtags such as #HKProtest and #antiELAB to see where protests are heading, and South China Morning Post for more in-depth coverage of the protests. You could also visit the Hong Kong International Airport’s website to track your flight status, possible delays, and the current situation at the airport. Download the MTR app on your mobile to check for station closures and when the last trains are running. In any case, travelling to Hong Kong now will make a memorable experience for anyone.